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Trump went on national TV and lied to Americans about immigrants – ThinkProgress

President Trump on Tuesday night time delivered an tackle to the nation, warning of a supposed “crisis” on the U.S.-Mexico border that solely a wall might repair.

Early rreports advised Trump may use the tackle to declare a state of emergency on the border, although he prevented addressing that matter immediately.

As an alternative, in his handle, broadcast stay on a number of networks, the president tried to persuade the American individuals — who largely have rejected the thought — of the necessity to assemble a southern border wall estimated to value greater than $21.6 billion, relying on supplies. Democrats have pointedly refused to present funding for this wall, which led to a conflict on Capitol Hill final month and a subsequent authorities shutdown.

Hours forward of the speech, the Make America Nice Committee, Trump’s official PAC, additionally despatched out an e-mail fundraising off the speech, asking supporters to assist him “raise $500,000 in ONE DAY.”

On Tuesday night time, Trump relied on the identical false and deceptive speaking factors which have lengthy been commonplace fare from his administration. His almost 10-minute speech paralleled a Division of Homeland Safety slideshow for congressional leaders launched earlier this month, outlining what it referred to as a “crisis” on the border.

That disaster, nevertheless, was largely created by the Trump administration itself. DHS insisted, for example, that extra undocumented immigrants have been crossing the border than ever. Official numbers don’t help that declare.

Trump nonetheless seized on that false speaking level, together with a number of others Tuesday night time, to supply a fearmongering spiel about the state of affairs on the border.

CLAIM: Extra undocumented individuals are crossing the border than ever


Trump claimed Tuesday that there was an pressing want for a wall — one made from metal — to avert the huge inflow on the southern border.

“We have requested more agents, immigration judges, and bed space to process the sharp rise in unlawful migration fueled by our very strong economy,” he stated.

Because the early 2000s, nevertheless, unlawful border crossings have dropped considerably, from roughly 1.6 million to simply 310,000 in 2017. Border crossings on the southwest border alone have been roughly 304,000, with the remaining three,600 and three,000 occurring on the coastal and northern borders, respectively, in accordance to U.S. Customs and Border Safety (CBP).

USA At present notes that a chunk of that decline can truly be attributed to home jobs drying up in the course of the recession — which often appeal to overseas staff — in addition to, extra lately, worry over Trump’s racist crackdowns on immigration extra broadly.

CLAIM: Criminals are pouring into the USA, unabated


Each Trump and his administration have repeatedly used this specific line of assault to assert that there’s a “crisis” on the border.

“Over the years, thousands of Americans have been brutally killed by those who illegally entered our country and thousands more lives will be lost if we don’t act right now,” Trump claimed Tuesday night time, earlier than rattling off an inventory of victims, full with ugly descriptions of their deaths.

Moreover, in a fundraising e mail forward of his speech Tuesday, the president claimed boldly that “illegal criminals [were] flooding our nation,” a model of his earlier declare that border officers in 2018 arrested “17,000 criminals trying to get across the border.”

The Washington Submit famous that quantity was deceptive. Whereas CBP arrested roughly 16,831 individuals convicted of crimes between October 2017 and August 2018, 63 % have been detained at authorized ports of entry. Not all the convictions have been violent — the bulk, in truth, have been for drunk driving or earlier makes an attempt at getting into the nation.

Roughly 600 of these stopped at numerous entry factors in Fiscal Yr 2018 have been convicted of violent crimes, far decrease than Trump has recommended.

Quite a few research have additionally proven immigrants as a gaggle are far much less probably to commit legal acts than U.S. residents. Within the final yr alone, 4 separate research recommended there was no direct hyperlink between unlawful immigration and violent or non-violent crime charges during the last three many years.

“There’s no wave of crime being committed by the immigrant community,” Houston Police Chief Artwork Acevedo informed NPR. “As a matter of fact, a lot of the violent crime that we’re dealing with is being committed by people that are born and raised right here in the United States.”

CLAIM: We’d like a wall, as a result of gangs like MS-13 poses a dire menace to U.S. residents

FACT CHECK: Principally false

Trump has not shied away from linking immigrants and criminality prior to now. Particularly, he has advised — with no proof — that Mexican immigrants are principally rapists and drug sellers. On Tuesday, he claimed that harmful MS-13 gang members have been killing scores of harmless Americans, summoning one younger woman’s tragic homicide in Maryland to argue in help of a wall.

Like his different claims, the suggestion that MS-13 poses a direct and main menace to U.S. residents has little foundation in actuality. Whereas the Salvadoran road gang presently boasts between 40,000 and 70,000 members, Perception Crime explains, the bulk are concentrated in “mostly urban areas in Central America or locations outside the region where there is a large Central American diaspora.”

America has recognized a variety of MS-13 gang members inside america as properly, however the numbers are a lot slimmer — between eight,000 and 10,000, in accordance to the FBI. Meaning MS-13 makes up lower than 1 % of all U.S. gang membership.

Perception Crime notes that the gang has tried to assert extra affect inside prisons alongside the U.S. East Coast, with “emissaries in places as far away as Boston who are trying to corral the rudimentary and undisciplined gang cliques.” Nevertheless, the general menace to common U.S. residents is minor in contrast to different violent teams or extremist organizations, comparable to these on the far-right, who’re much more widespread.

CLAIM: The wall will cease medicine from pouring into the nation


The Trump administration has a historical past of skewing the information on medicine in america, to push the president’s border wall calls for. Tuesday was no totally different, with the president himself suggesting each in his fundraising e mail and speech that medicine have been pouring into the nation throughout the border, “poisoning” harmless Americans.

“Every week 300 of our citizens are killed by heroin alone, 90 percent of which floods across from our southern border,” Trump stated Tuesday night time.

That assertion, nevertheless, is deceptive — the uncooked numbers paint a a lot totally different image.

DHS officers claimed of their slide present final week, for instance, that 1.7 million kilos of narcotics have been seized by CBP brokers in Fiscal Yr 2018. These figures didn’t match up with the numbers on CBP’s web site, which confirmed a considerably decrease complete — 47,945 kilos of cocaine and 67,292 kilos of methamphetamine seized in FY18, versus DHS’ declare of 282,000 kilos of cocaine and 248,000 kilos of methamphetamine.

Whereas these numbers nonetheless might sound excessive, it’s necessary to word the overwhelming majority of these medicine are being introduced into the USA by way of authorized ports of entry — which means a wall would do nothing to sluggish issues down.

CLAIM: Undocumented immigrants steal American jobs


Trump relied on a lot of tried and true anti-immigrant speaking factors Tuesday night time as properly. Amongst these was the favored trope of the job-stealing immigrant.

“[Illegal immigration] strains public resources and drives down jobs and among those hardest hit are African-Americans and Hispanic Americans,” Trump claimed.

A 2017 report by the Brookings Establishment, a D.C.-based nonpartisan think-tank, contradicts that assertion. In accordance to the Brookings Senior Fellow Vanda Felbab-Brown, immigrants each documented and undocumented sometimes fill positions that U.S. residents refuse to take, quite than “stealing” work Americans discover fascinating.

“The impact of immigrant labor on the wages of native-born workers is low,” she wrote. “Immigrant labor does have some negative effects on the employment and wages of native-born high school dropouts…and also on prior immigrants, because all three groups compete for low-skilled jobs and the newest immigrants are often willing to work for less than their competition. However, undocumented workers often work the unpleasant, back-breaking jobs that native-born workers are not willing to do.”

She added, “Fixing immigration is not about mass deportations of people but about creating a legal visa system for jobs Americans do not want.”

CLAIM: Hundreds of terrorists are coming into the nation by way of the U.S.-Mexico border


Whereas Trump didn’t point out this declare instantly in his speech Tuesday night time, his administration tried to push the falsehood earlier within the week, and within the days main up to it.

This declare has bounced round conservative circles for years, just lately making its approach into DHS speaking factors. The White Home itself repeated the declare Friday, with Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders suggesting CBP had arrested almost four,000 suspected terrorists final yr alone.

The DHS speaking level, nevertheless is deceptive. As San Francisco Chronicle reporter Tal Kopan famous final week, the info DHS makes use of to justify this declare has by no means been offered beforehand and applies principally to air journey.

The four,000 determine can also be vastly overblown, as NBC Information reported Tuesday. In accordance to CBP knowledge, fewer than 140 individuals cited on CBP’s Terrorist Screening Database have been stopped on the U.S. northern and southern borders between October 2017 and March 2018.

Ninety-one individuals have been stopped on the northern border throughout that point interval, 41 of them non-citizens or residents. Of the 41 individuals stopped on the southern border, 35 have been U.S. residents or lawful residents. Simply six have been categorised as “non-U.S. persons.”

Former Obama administration national safety official Ned Worth famous lots of these intercepted on the border have been stopped just because their names matched these on the Terrorist Screening Database.

“The number of people on such lists ballooned in the years after 9/11, with some reports indicating that more than one million names had been associated with suspected terrorist activity. That’s why false-positives, including in the case of crossings at our southern border, are commonplace,” he advised NBC Information.