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TJR Retro: WWF Raw Deal 02/07/00 Review

TJR Retro: WWF Raw Deal 02/07/00 Review

The WWF product was actually heating up throughout this post-Royal Rumble interval because of the addition of Benoit, Guerrero, Malenko and Saturn to the roster. This present featured a tremendous ten man tag workforce match that I keep in mind properly. I look ahead to writing about it in depth.

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WWF Raw #350
February 7, 2000
From the Reunion Area in Dallas, Texas

The opening video package deal targeted on the foursome of Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko all dropping their three matches on the earlier Smackdown. In Eddie’s case, he suffered an arm damage.

The Raw intro video aired adopted by an enormous pyro show within the packed area in Dallas. The announcers are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler as normal.

I tweeted that out and even WWE’s Xavier’s Woods responded to it with an fascinating query.

Is that signal man?!?

— Austin Creed (@XavierWoodsPhD) October 9, 2018

Sure Xavier, it’s.

Right! I did mess up on the identify like an fool! However good lord that signal took hours to make!

— Rick Achberger (@RickWWESignGuy) October eight, 2018

Raw started with X-Pac joined by the stunning Tori. That’s odd that it’s X-Pac’s music to start out Raw fairly than Degeneration X as a gaggle. JR stated that Kane was institutionalized, which is one other means of claiming he’s going to return again as a shock.

The foursome of Benoit, Malenko, Saturn and Guerrero went into the ring of their road garments. Eddie had his left arm in a sling because of the damage he suffered on Smackdown. Saturn stated that a week in the past, they confirmed up making an attempt to make somewhat noise, greater than something they needed a contract to wrestle within the WWF. Malenko talked about how they got one probability and one alternative to win their approach into the WWF. He stated they have been rattling good, however on that night time they only weren’t ok whereas including that they blew it. Eddie thanked the WWF followers for his or her help and for the privilege of with the ability to carry out in entrance of us. Benoit was up final saying that they needed to thank the person that made this chance all potential…Cactus Jack. That led to Jack’s entrance to an enormous ovation.

Evaluation: It appeared like they have been saying goodbye to the WWF followers, however all was not because it appeared.

Cactus Jack hugged all 4 guys within the ring. Earlier than he might say something, the introduction of WWF Champion Triple H and Stephanie McMahon happened as they stood on the stage to deal with everyone.

Stephanie stated that this convocation of admiration makes her need to puke. Stephanie famous that Cactus couldn’t get the job carried out on the Royal Rumble and these 4 new guys misplaced. Stephanie questioned if Jack’s subsequent play was the Dallas Cowboys defensive position or the Russian military and she or he stated he gained’t cease, however neither will they.

There was a loud “Asshole” chant as Triple H stood on the stage. Hunter stated that Jack makes him need to puke whereas including that his endurance is beginning to put on very skinny. Hunter stated that Jack continues to be on the market in his face. Hunter added that it’s time to complete it as soon as and for all. Hunter proposed a match another time with Cactus at No Approach Out for the final time. Hunter stated that Cactus can have any sort of match he needs, however no 2×four wrapped in barbed wire, no sharp metallic objects, no thumbtacks and none of Jack’s sadistic toys. Hunter stated they’ll have a match, plain and easy.

Jack went over what Triple H informed him. Jack stated that should you throw these toys out of the image, Jack can have any match? Hunter stated sure. Jack stated none of these issues, however there is just one selection: Hell within the Cell. He stated “the” cell as an alternative of “a” cell. I’m simply quoting what he stated. Triple H huddled with Stephanie about it. Hunter accepted it with one other stipulation, however he needs Jack’s profession on the road. Hunter: “If I beat you in Hell in a Cell, you finish, you retire and your career is over.” Hunter stated that features Foley as Dude Love, Mankind and Cactus Jack. Hunter stated it’s over. JR: “Don’t do it, Mick.”

Jack talked about how he has finished all of it in his profession as a Three-time WWF Champion, eight occasions as WWF Tag Workforce Champion, the unique Hardcore Champion and the king of the Japanese dying match. Jack stated that if Hunter needs his profession, he’s accomplished all of it apart from one factor…in 15 years there’s solely one factor that retains him awake at night time and that’s that he has by no means foremost evented a WrestleMania in his life. Jack stated when he wins, Hunter places his title on the road and if he can’t beat Hunter, he doesn’t need to wrestle once more. Hunter stated there might be no ridiculous stipulations, no title defenses and if he wins, he goes on to WrestleMania because the champion and he takes on the winner of Rock vs. Huge Present. If Hunter accepts that stipulation then Jack will put his profession on the road.

Triple H: “At No Way Out, Hell in the Cell, you will face The Game and if you win, you will go to WrestleMania the World Wrestling Federation Champion – the main event. If I win, I will end your 15-year career and it will be over. Cactus Jack, you have about 20 days left in your glorious 15-year career.” Triple H walked right down to the ring saying that he’ll end what he began and he’ll finish it for Jack. Hunter says he takes what he needs when he needs and proper now he needs a bit of Jack’s ass.

Triple H stood within the apron saying the 4 of these guys have two decisions: Depart the ring or present their appreciation to the person that gave them the chance…and their contracts. That led to the Radicalz attacking Cactus Jack.

The foursome of Benoit, Saturn, Malenko and Guerrero stomped away on Jack. The gang booed loudly. They hated that flip. X-Pac hit a Bronco Buster on Jack. Saturn and Malenko did a double staff suplex on Jack. Benoit went up prime and hit a headbutt on Jack’s shoulder. Hunter stated that’s the starting of the top. Hunter stated that’s the starting of the top as a result of in 20 days it’s the finish. Hunter hit a Pedigree on Jack and Hunter’s music performed. Triple H posed within the ring with the 4 new WWF wrestlers. Triple H shook the arms of the 4 new wrestlers.

Evaluation: That was an impressive opening phase with numerous stuff occurring. The best way that the No Approach Out important occasion was arrange was rather well finished with Hunter beginning off making the match, Jack making the calls for and Hunter agreeing to it. The gang was actually into it as they introduced the stipulations. I keep in mind studying on-line on the time that Foley was considering of retiring, however he was solely 34 years previous, so it felt prefer it was too quickly regardless that he did have lots of accidents. As for the heel flip by the Radicals, it was an enormous shock. I don’t assume most of us noticed it coming, so it got here off as an enormous deal as quickly as occurred. The followers hated it and it was the sort of big second we might get sometimes on a Raw on this period. I assumed it was nicely completed.


A replay aired of the Radicalz attacking Jack with Triple H ending it with a Pedigree.

There was a shot of Triple H within the workplace together with his new pals. Triple H stated that he and X-Pac will pair up with the three of them (not Eddie) towards Cactus Jack and whoever he can discover as companions. The rationale there’s no New Age Outlaws is as a result of their match was up subsequent.

The Street Dogg and Billy Gunn made their entrance with the followers singing their catchphrases regardless that they have been heels. Edge and Christian have been up subsequent because the challengers for this title match.

New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn and Street Dogg) vs. Edge and Christian

Pre-match notes: The New Age Outlaws have been the heel Tag Group Champions whereas Edge and Christian have been faces.

The Dudleys walked right down to ringside of their road garments with JR calling them the “Damn Dudleys” as he liked to do on this period. The Dudleys joined the commentary staff for this match.

Gunn missed a cross physique block when Christian prevented it and Christian hit an arm drag. Bubba stood by JR to intimidate him for calling them the “damn Dudleys” on a regular basis. Christian hit a dive on Street Dogg on the ground. Gunn got here again with a gorilla press slam on Christian. Edge tagged in towards Street Dogg with Edge hitting a cross physique block adopted by a spinning heel kick for 2. Gunn tripped up Edge, Street Dogg, kicked Edge they usually have been by the announce desk. Gunn despatched Edge into the steps and rolled him again within the ring. Dogg kicked Christian within the again whereas D-Von famous that everyone is listening to the Dudleys now. Gunn hit the Jackhammer slam on Edge for a two rely. It might get a pin for Goldberg. Bubba talked about how completely satisfied he was when he felt Terri’s bones break when he put her via a desk and JR referred to as him a sick man. Gunn with a operating nook splash on Edge, Street Dogg went into the ring and Edge hit a neckbreaker on each guys on the similar time. Christian tagged in with punches for each Outlaws, a again physique drop on Gunn adopted by a clothesline out of the ring. Street Dogg with punches, however Christian prevented the final one within the combo with a reverse DDT for 2 when the pin was interrupted by Gunn. Spear by Edge on Gunn. Edge and Gunn went brawling out of the ring. Bubba hit a neckbreaker on Christian utilizing the highest rope for an help and Dogg hit a pumphandle slam on Christian for the pinfall win at 6:12.

Winners by pinfall: New Age Outlaws

Evaluation: **Three/four That was a great tag workforce match with loads of motion, plus the addition of the Dudleys offering mayhem on commentary. The win was low cost because of the Dudleys interference. I favored the nearfall that Christian acquired with the reverse DDT. This was earlier than E&C have been ever tag workforce champions, so this confirmed they have been able to being at that degree if the Dudleys didn’t value them the win. The Outlaws discovered a solution to win once more.

Submit match, Bubba received in JR’s face daring him to name them sick once more. JR stated he is aware of they’re sick. Edge attacked Bubba from behind with punches, D-Von saved Bubba and the Dudleys ran away from Edge and Christian.

Mark Henry talked to Mae Younger within the locker room with Mark telling Mae to not go to ringside as a result of she is pregnant.


They confirmed members of the Dallas Mavericks together with Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki together with Dallas Stars at ringside together with Joe Nieuwendyk and Mike Modano.

Kurt Angle did a promo about how Mark Henry thinks that they’re quite a bit alike as a result of they’re each Olympians. Angle stated that as he gained Olympic gold, got here to the WWF and launched into an unimaginable undefeated streak, Henry’s biggest accomplishment was impregnating an 82 yr previous. Angle had a humorous line that Henry getting Younger pregnant featured depth, it didn’t contain integrity or intelligence. Angle stated that whereas impregnating aged ladies and dwelling in sin is suitable to Dallas, Texas individuals, it isn’t acceptable to Angle. Henry made his entrance.

Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry

Pre-match notes: Angle was the heel and Henry was the face that was principally a comedy man.

Henry with an enormous physique slam adopted by a operating powerslam for 2. Henry with one other physique slam adopted by a leg drop for 2. Henry with a Powerbomb for 2 adopted by a clothesline. Henry charged at Angle, so Angle ducked and Henry went excessive to the ground. Mae Younger went right down to the ring. Angle hit a again physique drop on Henry on the ground. Younger went into the ring, punched Angle within the again and Angle gave Younger an Olympic Slam! The gang reacted to that with an enormous response whereas JR freaked out as a result of Younger is pregnant. The match went 2:39.

Winner by disqualification: Kurt Angle

Evaluation: * It was an affordable assault by Angle on the aged Younger whereas Henry was out of the ring. When Henry was on offense, that they had him exhibit numerous his energy strikes. Angle hitting the Olympic Slam on Younger drew an enormous response and made Angle seem like a jerk.

Publish match, Henry checked on Younger together with EMT Barbara Bush and different EMTs.

The Rock was proven arriving to the world with the gang popping massive on the sight of him.


Replays aired of Younger getting attacked by Angle. Younger was proven taken away on a stretcher.

Younger was within the physician’s workplace getting checked out. She informed Mark she favored being on prime. Gross. Younger took off her sweater and her shirt as a result of she thought everyone needed to see her puppies. Henry coated her up.

The Holly cousins have been proven backstage with Crash considering they will supply safety for different wrestlers just like the APA does. Hardcore didn’t agree with him.

Hardcore Match: The Acolytes (Farooq and Bradshaw) vs. Hardcore Holly and Crash Holly

Pre-match notes: The Acolytes have been the faces and the Holly cousins have been the heels.

Bradshaw dumped Crash over the barricade, so Farooq despatched Hardcore over the barricade as nicely. They went brawling to the backstage space. They discovered a concession stand a part of the world. Faarooq hit Hardcore with a metal object. Bradshaw and Faarooq had some beer, so Hardcore hit Faarooq with a beer bottle. Bradshaw dumped a cotton sweet stand onto Crash. JBL whipped a rubbish can at Faarooq. Bradshaw hit Hardcore with a bottle. Bradshaw arrange for a Powerbomb, Viscera confirmed up, he slipped on some beer and hit Bradshaw with a 2×four on the again of Bradshaw resulting in Bradshaw going by way of a desk. Hardcore coated Bradshaw and the ref counted the pin at Three:02.

Winners by pinfall: Hardcore Holly and Crash Holly

Evaluation: half* That was a boring brawl with an affordable end. There wasn’t a lot to it. I used to be bored by it.


Chris Jericho did a promo welcoming us to Raw is Jericho. Jericho referred to as Viscera the love baby of Mr T. and Fats Albert. The followers have been actually into the promo popping for Jericho’s catchphrase. Viscera made his entrance.

Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho vs. Viscera

Pre-match notes: Jericho was the face IC Champ and Viscera was a heel.

Viscera with a again physique drop. Jericho got here again with a dropkick off the center ropes. Viscera hit a spinning kick that knocked Jericho out of the ring. With Viscera on the apron, Jericho hit a leaping kick off the center rope. Viscera with a physique slam on Jericho on the ground. Again within the ring, Viscera missed an elbow drop. Viscera hit a Samoan Drop for 2, he missed a nook cost and Jericho hit a bulldog. Jericho with a Lionsault on Jericho. The Hollys went into the ring to go after Jericho for the DQ end at Three:02.

Winner by disqualification: Chris Jericho

Evaluation: * It’s a Viscera match. Go into it with low expectations as a result of he’s going to get his strikes in after which transfer across the ring very slowly. He appeared exhausted after about one minute. It was finished to inform arrange a six man tag group feud.

The Acolytes ran right down to the ring for the save and to get revenge towards Viscera. Bradshaw hit a Clothesline from Hell on Viscera whereas Jericho despatched Crash and Hardcore out of the ring. The Acolytes hit a double group suplex on Viscera and kicked him out of the ring. The APA music performed to finish it.

The 4 Radicalz have been proven speaking backstage.


A clip aired from earlier within the night time displaying the 4 Radicalz thanking the WWF followers after which turning on Cactus Jack.

The Radicalz have been interviewed by Michael Cole within the locker room. Malenko stated they have been honest and Guerrero stated they weren’t fools for fooling Cactus Jack. Benoit stated that Jack had no stroke whereas noting that Triple H and Stephanie had the facility. Malenko stated that determined individuals do determined issues. Saturn stated he didn’t care if Foley had any buddies as a result of he by no means favored him anyway. They left.

Kevin Kelly was outdoors of The Rock’s locker room saying he’ll converse later.

Luna and Gangrel have been proven backstage with Gangrel telling her to prepare for her title match. Luna simply yelled like a loopy lady, which was just about her gimmick.


Luna was launched with Gangrel from “The Other Side of Darkness.” JR questioned if it was close to Elements Unknown. I feel that’s close to Syracuse. Jacqueline made her entrance as the brand new Ladies’s Champion and the followers cheered her since she is from Dallas.

Ladies’s Championship: Jacqueline vs. Luna (w/Gangrel)

Pre-match notes: Jackie was the face and Luna was the heel.

Luna attacked earlier than the bell they usually spilled out to the ground with the referee getting in the best way. Jackie with a hair whip adopted by an inside cradle for 2. Luna with a jawbreaker. Luna missed a splash off the center ropes, Jackie hit a bridging German Suplex and that was sufficient for the pinfall win at 1:15.

Winner by pinfall: Jacqueline

Evaluation: * A fast match to place over Jackie as the brand new Ladies’s Champion. Primary stuff right here.

Submit match, Luna hit Jackie with a forearm to the again. Gangrel went into the ring and hit a leaping Impaler DDT on Jackie.

Evaluation: That’s two moments on this present the place males hit wrestling strikes on helpless ladies. That doesn’t occur anymore. It was a great way to get low cost warmth on this period.

The Rock is up subsequent.


A video package deal aired displaying the primary few weeks of Tazz’ run within the WWF. They confirmed Tazz within the streets saying that folks he grew up with are both lifeless or in jail. Tazz stated you possibly can’t harm him, you possibly can’t cease him after which his catchphrase “the mood is about to change” to finish it.

The Rock was interviewed by Kevin Kelly within the backstage space. Rock reduce off Kelly when the followers chanted “Rocky” loudly. Rock did his “finally” bit to an enormous pop. Rock had a query for Kelly: “Have you ever had any pie?” Kelly stated he had some apple pie within the afternoon with Rock saying it seems to be like he has had extra. Rock talked about “poontang pie.” Kelly tried to behave as if he’s had a whole lot of poontang pie and Rock stated he was mendacity, so he stated he’s by no means had a bit of poontang pie. Rock held up a brand new Poontang Pie shirt that he placed on Kelly’s head. Rock stated that the query is who’s The Rock going to face at WrestleMania, is it Triple H or Cactus Jack? Rock informed Huge Present he’s not going to face in the best way of his path to WrestleMania. Rock stated he was meant to affect the tens of millions and tens of millions of Rock followers. Rock questioned if poontang pie was boring Kelly and informed him to take pleasure in it. Rock spoke about tonight saying that he’s going to group up with Cactus Jack later, which drew an enormous pop from the gang. Rock ripped on the Radicalz by saying Saturn final, then itemizing planets and mentioning Uranus, which drew a pop as properly. Rock informed them to stay their new contracts up their sweet ass. There was one other “Rocky” chant as he ended it together with his “if ya smell what The Rock is cooking” bit.

Evaluation: The Rock’s promos get higher each week. It’s the right mixture of comedy and displaying depth when it was wanted. The gang was consuming out of his arms each time he spoke. That’s the reason is among the greatest talkers ever and for my part he’s the most effective.

The Godfather and D-Lo Brown have been proven backstage to get the Ho Practice prepared.


The Godfather and D-Lo Brown made their entrance accompanied by the Ho Practice to an enormous ovation. Godfather did a pre-match promo hyping up the gang that was interrupted. The Dudleys have been up subsequent with the gang booing them.

The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley) vs. The Godfather and D-Lo Brown

Pre-match notes: The Dudleys have been the heels whereas Godfather and Brown have been the faces.

Godfather with a boot to the face of D-Von adopted by a again physique drop and a clothesline. Godfather with a physique slam, Brown with a splash and Godfather with a clothesline. D-Von hit Brown with a forearm to take management. D-Von missed a leg drop off the ropes. Godfather with a clothesline adopted by a physique slam. Godfather splashed D-Von towards the turnbuckle. The Ho’s jumped on the apron for some purpose. Bubba with a chop block on Godfather. Brown tagged in, clothesline on D-Von, physique slam on Bubba and Brown hit a leg drop on Bubba whereas the women checked on D-Von. Brown hit the Sky Excessive sitout powerbomb. Brown went up prime and hit a Frog Splash on D-Von, however Bubba was there to interrupt up the pin. The Dudleys hit the 3D (Dudley Demise Drop) on Brown for the pinfall win at 2:51.

Winners by pinfall: The Dudley Boyz

Evaluation: *1/2 It was a top quality win to place over the Dudleys to proceed giving them constructive momentum. The spot the place the women went on the apron for a random purpose was foolish. The end was properly achieved.

Publish match, Bubba arrange a desk in entrance of the announce desk. D-Von pointed on the EMT Barbara Bush that was at ringside and grabbed her to place her by way of the desk. Bubba grabbed BB, he stood on the announce desk and arrange for a Powerbomb, however Edge and Christian confirmed as much as break it up. The Hardy Boyz have been there too. Christian hit Bubba within the again with a chair. They saved BB, so the Dudleys left with Bubba saying it was “this close” to occurring.

Evaluation: The reserving of the Dudleys presently was unimaginable. They acquired a lot heel warmth for his or her actions. It actually labored nicely.


There was one other replay of the 4 Radicalz turning heel on Cactus Jack within the opening phase.

Cactus Jack was interviewed by Michael Cole within the locker room. Jack stated that you shouldn’t rely Cactus Jack out. He stated 15 years, they’ve informed Mick Foley he’s too sluggish and never robust sufficient. He stated for 15 years he has been proving individuals fallacious. Jack stated that he’ll get by means of tonight, he’ll get by way of Hell in a Cell and he’ll go onto WrestleMania as a result of it’s meant to be.

Evaluation: An excellent promo from Foley like typical.

The heel aspect of the primary occasion have been proven preparing for the primary occasion.


For those who thought that Triple H stood for Hunter Hearst Helmsley, you could be fallacious based on signal.

The entrances for the primary occasion passed off with WWF Champion Triple H and X-Pac getting into with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and Tori. The 4 males within the Radicalz made their entrance to some generic theme music.

Cactus Jack was up first for his workforce to an enormous pop from the gang. The Rock’s ovation was even louder, which was no shock. Rikishi and Too Cool’s music hit, in order that they ran right down to the ring to hitch the match.

Triple H, X-Pac, Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko (w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, Tori and Eddie Guerrero) vs. Cactus Jack, The Rock, Rikishi, Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay

Pre-match notes: Triple H’s group have been the heels whereas the Jack/Rock group have been the faces.

The gang was going loopy as they fought everywhere in the area. Rikishi hit a stomach to stomach on X-Pac. Everyone else left to the ground to brawl across the area. The gang was so loud. It was insane! What a pop. Stephanie was on commentary for the match.

The match settled down with Sexay hitting a neckbreaker on X-Pac and he missed a leg drop. Saturn tagged in towards Scotty, who hit a bulldog adopted by the W-O-R-M resulting in a chop to the top. The gang was screaming wildly for it. Malenko with an affordable shot knee to the again resulting in a Saturn stomach to stomach suplex on Scotty. Malenko tagged in with a leaping heel kick. Clothesline by Malenko and Scotty hit a reverse suplex on Malenko. This crowd was so loud as Rikishi tagged in. Rikishi hit a clothesline on Malenko, then Malenko tried a sundown flip, realized what he had finished and tagged in Benoit. Rikishi with a Samoan Drop on Benoit. Benoit with a forearm to Rikishi’s again adopted by a German Suplex. Rikishi got here again with a stomach to stomach suplex on Benoit. Rikishi charged in with a operating again splash towards the turnbuckle. Jack tagged in to an enormous pop as he stomped away on Benoit towards the turnbuckle with Stephanie yelling on the referee. Jack punched Triple H they usually went brawling round ringside with Jack punching him. Saturn and X-Pac attacked Jack and despatched him again within the ring. Hunter tagged in with punches on Jack adopted by stomps towards the turnbuckle. Jack with a punch to the top, X-Pac again in and Jack hit a neckbreaker on him.

The Rock received a tag to an enormous ovation. Wow, that was large. Rock with a punch to X-Pac, spinebuster on Malenko and spinebuster on Benoit. Rock Backside on X-Pac. Triple H broke up the pin. Rikishi with a kick to Triple H and Saturn tagged in with a superkick on Rock. Clothesline by Rock to X-Pac. Sexay tagged in with a leg drop off the highest rope. Eddie tripped up Sexay, so X-Pac with a spin kick to the face of Sexay. Hunter tagged in with a knee to the face as the gang greeted him with “asshole” chants. Saturn again in with a clothesline on Sexay. Benoit in with Saturn with a again elbow adopted by some snot rockets onto Sexay and Benoit hit a stomach to again suplex on Sexay for a two rely. Hunter went again in with a suplex on Sexay resulting in Saturn hitting a leg drop for 2. The heels made fast tags to proceed to isolate Sexay, who got here again with a double DDT on Benoit and Malenko on the similar time. Jack received the recent tag with punches on Benoit. Referee Earl Hebner tried to inform Jack he was not the authorized man regardless that all of us noticed the tag. The match broke down with everyone brawling across the ring. Hunter hit a Pedigree on Sexay and Benoit went up prime with a headbutt on Sexay. Jack with a punch to Benoit’s again, however the referee didn’t cease the rely and Benoit coated Sexay to win the match for his workforce at 10:59.

Winners by pinfall: Triple H, X-Pac, Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko

Evaluation: ****1/four That was an unimaginable match though the ending had some flaws as a result of the referee was appearing like Sexay didn’t tag in Jack despite the fact that he clearly did. Plus, Jack did that forearm to the again of Benoit and it didn’t result in a breakup of the pin. Anyone messed that up by some means. In the event that they didn’t have that situation I might have given this a fair larger score. It felt longer than it was. The gang was as scorching for this as they have been for any match in Raw historical past. You don’t get crowds like this typically. I’m positive the blokes on this match will keep in mind this crowd eternally. I feel they went with that end as a result of they needed to place Benoit over as a “new” man within the WWF whereas additionally placing the emphasis on the Radicalz group as being winners.

After the match, all ten guys began brawling. The New Age Outlaws joined the get together with lead pipes that they used to knock down all the faces.

The lights went out within the area as every thing stopped rapidly. Paul Bearer on the stage in a purple jacket and a black go well with. Kane’s music hit as the world erupted once more with Kane strolling right down to the ring with a function.

Kane went into the ring and cleared home. Kane with a Chokeslam on Saturn. Kane with a Chokeslam on Billy Gunn. Kane stood within the ring and set off the pyro to finish the present with the opposite faces within the ring with him. The heels left up the ramp.

Evaluation: That was a good way to deliver again Kane together with his “father” Paul Bearer by his aspect. The gang gave Kane one of many largest reactions of his profession as a result of it was straightforward to really feel sympathy for him after Tori turned on him.

This episode had a run time of 1:33:19 on WWE Community.


Three Stars of the Present

  1. The Rock
  2. Cactus Jack
  3. Triple H


The Scoreboard

This Raw episode will get a eight.5 out of 10.

The present was carried by the primary occasion, submit match save by Kane and the opening phase. They actually executed these segments nicely in entrance of the most effective crowds I’ve ever seen within the historical past of Raw.

I do know individuals will learn this saying “how can you give it 8.5 when there was bad stuff?” and my reply is as a result of the great far outweighed the dangerous and that’s why I may give it such a superb rating. It was the most effective Raw’s from this period and the primary occasion completely delivered an thrilling match that I’ll always remember.

That is a type of Raw’s I like to recommend you need to watch once more when you have the time as a result of it’s fairly particular.

I’ll be again on Thursday with the Smackdown evaluation for a similar week.

Thanks for studying. My contact information is under. Go Los Angeles Rams.

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